Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'M HAPPY FOR YOU, dear... (part II)

the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful...

Awwalan, all the praises and thanks to ALLAHhu rabbi. Peace be upon His beloved Lover, Muhammad S.A.W. Sollu 'alaih... Not to forget, assalamu'alaikum w.b.t to all readers. Alhamdulillah, hayya nashkuru ilallah that we're still alive till today. Before I move further, I'm so sorry for late posting the next part of I'M HAPPY FOR YOU, dear... Ana asifah kathiran jiddan jiddan... Limaza ana mutakkhoroh??? Lianna ana mashghulah bilanshitoh regarding to my family's matters. (Is it the correct words???)

(P/S: Seemed that I mixed languages here. Sorry once again. Hopefullly, my valuable readers will able to understand that words... I'll continously mix the languages which are Arabic, English, Japanese Language and Malay Language eventhough I'm not enough. Limaza? Why? Doshite? Kenapa? I do love those languages so much. Furthermore, I got the chances to learn them till now and I would like to share my litle knowledge here. Alhamdulillah... So, do not get dizzy, hik3. Do not understand? Wakarimasen??? Feel free to ask me, ^_^)

Procrastination is the thief of time, right? So, I would like to proceed to my main job here. :)

******(PART II)******

"I've no confidence to have whatever relationship with any men excluding my family members..."

"Oh, I see. It doesn't matter. I'm not forcing you, just give it a plenty of time to think and reconsider it. :)"

"Okay, I will."

"Dear, if you couldn't able to make the decision and so confuse, ISTIKHARAH will the best way to get your answer ;)"

"InshaALLAH, I will... :)"

"Ud'uni, astajib lakum..."

P/s: I'm not denying that people normally ask you to perform Istikhara Salat (Guidance Prayer) to seek His help in order to make the important decision in their life. For this case, she need to find the answer for herself. However, for all Moslems. Please, do not only seek for His help when you're in trouble. We must always be with Him, so that He will always be there for you... :)

What is Istikhara Salat actually??? Istikhara Salat is the guidance prayer to ALLAH S.W.T. in choosing the best option. My ustaz in my previous school was once said that, "If you really wanted to do Istikhara Prayer, firstly please make yourself clear from everything that ought be disturbing you. For example, you got several choices that proposed you. Then, you're already had someone in your heart. You don't need to perform the Istikhara Salat since you're already got the answer." Is it clear to understand? I'm truly sorry if this post made you hard to understand since I'm not good enough in English. So sorry... I'll try my best... (T_T)

For more information, click this istikhara_guidance.

A few days later...

"So, how dear? Had you make your decision???"

"Yup, I already had mine."

"So???" <curious>

"So sorry, I didn't feel want to tie myself with anybody."

"Are you sure??? :)"

"Yes, since I have many things to achieve."

"Okay, dear. May be both of you're not meant to be... :)"

"I guess so... :)"

Is it me in the future??? Opsss...!!! Happy until jannah, inshaALLAH :)

Well, it's the ending for I'M HAPPY FOR YOU, dear... Hope you are enjoying my post for this time. Thank you so much for spending your worthy times to read this. Honto ni arigatou gozaimashita. Shukron kathiran jiddan. Terima kasih ye... :) See you in the next post...!!! Mata oune, sayounara...!!! (^_^)

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